About “Battle of The States”

“Battle of The States” is a multi stage elimination polling game with a 3 week intro stage for “Round 1” ending Friday 9/18/2020 at Midnight EST.

Each following round concludes on Friday at Midnight EST, with results posted and polls reopened Saturday morning no later than 6 a.m. EST.

A maximum of 52 elimination rounds will be conducted until there is one State voted victorious.

There will be two reintroduction run offs, to allow eliminated States back into the game.

Voting – You can select as many States as you want to vote “IN” or “OUT” during a submission. You can re-vote as many times as you like. All votes are cleared after each round, so to participate you must vote in every round you want to be counted. If you just want to watch visit the “Results Only” page.

** Voting Rule Update ** votes will not be cleared between rounds. All accumulated votes will remain for the duration of the game.

Scoring – At the end of each round the State with the most “OUT” votes without enough countering “IN” votes gets eliminated. Example..

Ohio Loses

Even though Ohio had fewer “OUT’ votes it lost due to not enough “IN” votes.

Ohio Wins

If all States have higher “IN” than “OUT” counts, the State with the greater number net positive votes wins. (2 for Ohio, 1 for Pennsylvania)