How to play

Polling based games:

All polling based games are played the same way– 

  1. You have a poll where you submit votes to questions.
  2. Results are shown live (with page refresh if needed).
  3. Vote as often as you like to push results either way.
  4. There is a time based end to the poll.
  5. End results are displayed with winners and losers.

There are two types of these games currently.

  1. Single stage – Where there is only one round and then game ends with the winners and losers.
  2. Multi stage – Where each round results in an elimination of one of the choices and the next round begins.  Then an ultimate winner is declared.

Notes on votes — Only you will know how you voted and whether you were on the winning or losing side.  You will not be asked for an email address or any additional information when voting.  Unlike real world elections vote as often as you like.  Enjoy.